UQ Robotics!


  1. 30-Jul:  Introduction
  2. 6-Aug:   Representing Position & Orientation & State
    (Frames, Transformation Matrices & Affine Transformations)
  3. 13-Aug:   Robot Kinematics
  4. 20-Aug: Robot Dynamics & Control
  5. 27-Aug: Robot Trajectories & Motion
  6. 3-Sept: Robot Sensing: Perception & Multiple View Geometry
  7. 10-Sept: Robot Sensing: Features & Detection using Computer Vision
  8. 17-Sep:
    Lecture Part I: SIFT (+ Patrick Mahoney)
    Lecture Part II: Navigation (+ Prof. M. Srinivasan)
  9. 24-Sept: Localization & Motion Planning + Control
  10. 8-Oct: State-Space Modelling
  11. 15-Oct: MISC Catch-up: State-Space Modelling, MPC, and More!
  12. 22-Oct:
    Part I: Position & Motion in 2D and 3D  
    ⇒  Robotic Vision MOOC Trial
    Part II: Shaping the Dynamic Response
  13. 29-Oct:  Linear Observers & LQR & Course Overview

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