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Welcome to METR 4202/7202 -- Robotics & Automation!


This course teaches the fundamentals of autonomous systems design and control -- including robotic systems analysis, synthesis.  The first part of this course will cover select mathematical techniques of Homogeneous transformations, serial (open-chain) kinematics, multi-body dynamics, state-space control, and vision as they pertain to solving complex geometrical problems seen in calculating the correct positions and speeds to drive the robot motors in order to move the arm in the desired manner.  The latter parts of this course discuss the design of controllers using state-space and adaptive control techniques. 

The goal, as explained in our recent paper, is to be able to understand
keywords in the robotics domain and, in particular, be able to interpret an abstract from a paper in a major robotics conference, such as ICRA or RSS.

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Robotics, Vision & Control
by Peter Corke
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